Blogging & Social Media Package

For Musicians & Related Businesses Only

Time: One day and a half

Price: £100*

Deposit: £100*(Taken from the above price)
Hosting: £1 – £9- per month* (Depending on the type of server needed)

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What do we provide with this package?

Businesses today realise that connection with their customers is of the utmost importance and that blogging is a way of reaching existing and future customers. It is a perfect tool and is used to educate and inform customers about your business products and of the business itself.

  • Design four great postcards for you
  • Design and create one animated video banner
  • Two interestingly written blog entries of your choice
  • Help setting up your social media accounts and connect them to your website

What do we need from you to get started?

We need to know what sort of business you have, who you want to reach out to, and what kind of styles and layouts appeal to you.

Suggestings of what I can do for you on a quarterly or three-month basis


  • Set up your blog using WordPress on your chosen server
  • Offer a tutorial on how to work on the back-end of your new WordPress blog for an hour
  • Handle and set-up any domain names you would like to buy
  • Set up some great postcards for your content
  • Set up animated and video banner and add to your u-tube account
  • Copywriting of blog entries
  • Set up your social media accounts in a social media management tool (Buffer)
  • We can offer my photography skills as a service but would be of extra cost if we need to visit your premises
  • Please ask if you see something missing

Work we can do every quarter or 3-month basis

1) We can build you an attractive and functional blog on the WordPress website that will allow you to inform current customers and reach out to new ones.
2) We can also help you connect your WordPress website to your social media accounts, designing some beautiful graphics with some call to actions and also write a little copy to get you going. If need be, we can also connect all your accounts to a social media management software (Buffer) that will make updating your social media accounts – so much easier!!
3) This fantastic package also provides you with five beautifully designed postcards that can are ready to used to attract your customers to your products and services or anything you think needs advertising on your social media platforms.
4) And if that wasn’t enough, we can also write you one blog or if we discuss an ongoing package we can then do a few with images and with backlinks etc
5) Lastly, we would advise you booked in with me every quarter or three months to keep topping up your social media needs, as this is an area that needs some TLC to get customers hooked on your posts.

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First come, first served! Please contact to discuss my availability, possible schedules and deadlines.


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