About Us


Hi! Welcome to our little space on the Internet. MIBS is a collective of Artists, Designers, Programmers & Marketers who have worked fulltime in the Advertising, Internet & Marketing Industry. We wanted to bring together some useful skills as a ‘one-stop-shop’ for music promoters and business people. To support them when it comes to getting across a clear brand in a competitive world, whether it’s a new idea that needs a small website and campaign techniques for larger musician groups.

MIBS is a cooperative and keeps to the guidelines of what this means. All the creatives within this group. Are working together and share its profits, between all its employees and are not hierarchical.


It’s our goal to give each of our clients’ projects the attention and TLC they deserve. We know what it’s like to pour your heart and soul into a business, and when you need to hand over projects to other people, you need to know they are going to give it the respect it deserves. We want to be the people that help you bring your ideas to life – that’s what lights us up!
You should also know that although we may sit in front of computers creating top-notch work. But we’re not all about that. We spend a lot of time in Manchester keeping up-to-date with the music trends and learning technical skills that are fashionable at the moment, while continuously enrolling on courses to keep our skills up-to-date.


Helen received a Fine Art Bachelors Degree with Hons from The University of John Moores Liverpool in 1998, and became very interested in Computer Arts, during in the last year of the course she followed up her interests by furthering her education via Computer Software courses.


Before starting MIBS, she pursued a successful career as a Graphic Designer & Website Designer for 20 years. She worked within marketing/advertising/internet departments and liaised with Clients, Programmers, and Marketers. Brands I have worked with include Microsoft, Moben Kitchens, Barbarians FC, Motorola and more.


During this time, she began to recognise just how unique her collection of skills was. The majority of her colleagues were 100% interested in creating websites and graphic design and had no interest in whether the project was making the company a profit, or was cost-effective. Additionally, her colleagues in the business departments were very business oriented but struggled with creativity.


While this was all good experience, she was unable to leverage her business skills under these circumstances and while working at a Capify a global financial company. She was trusted with more management responsibilities when delivering projects. All of this history provided her with the confidence to entertain the idea of going out on her own. And in time, MIBS was born! Knowing she knew a lot about Music and Music Events from her music listening hobby. It seemed only natural to make her business-oriented around this area, as well as the fact music promotors, had contacted in the career.