Subversive Edgy Artist

Helen Jones


Manchester UK based Artist.


my history


After receiving a Fine Art Bachelors Degree with Hons from The University of John Moores Liverpool in 1998, I became very interested in Computer Arts, and in the last year of the course I followed up my interest by furthering my education on Computer Software courses.


I then pursued a successful career as a Graphic Designer & Website Development, which lasted 2o years. Working within marketing/advertising/internet departments and liaising with Clients, Programmers and Marketers. Brands that I worked with include Microsoft, Moben Kitchens, Barbarians FC, Motorola and many more. You can find out more about this by visiting the following website:

I now own a Graphic Design Business called Dolce Designer that is run four days a week.

Elluse is run on a Friday, Weekends & Evenings and is a small business that sells my art, products and provides services. My art has a subversive edgy feel to them and is sold on the Etsy Website & Saatchi Website (mainly), but also is open to selling in shops and stalls.


Elluse is the product of my fascination with being elusive and not being able to define or place myself anywhere.

I have always been interested in how human beings have to understand and label things. Although I can see this is obviously as a form of intelligence and using scientific practices to learn and experiment.

I can also see how damaging it can be, to societies and individuals. The type of disruptive behaviour I see is when people go over to other countries and examine how that culture works and usually try to change it, and force their opinions on that particular culture.

Or, people telling other people what they should be doing in their lives and forcing their opinions onto them in this way. I also see this a lot in the workplace and in religions, where it seems to be more about control than helping one another.

I wonder if these obsessions with controlling people are to make themselves feel in control in an uncontrollable world. I also wonder if it’s a lot to do with people being obsessed with power.

Because of this interest, my art evokes thoughts of escapism and being a free spirit. The thoughts of self-love, self-empowerment are deeply rooted in me as well as the joy of being an individual. I also encourage people, to find out what their opinions are, and not making your opinion from taking what the media says, but by reading books and researching on those subjects yourself. This then leads to REAL self-love and self-confidence. Who wouldn’t want that?

Quotes I like that are to do with this subject:

  • To define is to limit – Oscar Wilde
  • When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace – Jimi Hendrix

Kind Regards

Helen Jones

m: 07876 500968